Seafood Gumbo Recipe


Open a beer and get the father, son, and holy ghost at the ready. Stock going strong. I like it briny, so crab and shrimp peels are a must for me. Trinity ready to go! Moving things outside, cause I don’t like my house smelling like roux for 2 days. Stock is strained. Still a little cloudy, but IDGAF for this application. Getting going on my dual camp burner. Have all the stuff I need within reach. Once that roux starts, I’m not going anywhere!!! Oil’s ready! Adding my flour a little at a time until it looks right. I like about a 1.5:1 flour to oil ratio. After about 15 minutes, stirring constantly, scraping corners, pot bottom. No whisk for me! Cut the heat, add trinity slowly to cool your roux. I start adding about 1/4, then a little more until I get about 3/4 of the trinity into the roux. I add a ladle at a time of the simmering stock to the roux, stirring to incorporate. Once I get a good “slurry” that is consistent, I dump that into the rest of the stock and stir... Next, I like to add the remaining 1/4 of my trinity. Since I’m pretty much done making a mess, I bring the pot back inside to finish. I add the claws I pulled off from my stock (optional) and crank up the heat, then start skimming the foaming fat. Once skimmed, I turn down to simmer, add seasonings and my first dose of herbs (dry oregano and fresh thyme for me). I get everything tasting like I want it to, let the flavors marry (maybe 45 min.), then I put in more fresh thyme and add shrimp. These were big boys, so I cut them into manageable pieces. I also add chopped green onion immediately after the shrimp. I cook for five minutes over low heat, then add the strained oysters (liquor reserved). The seafood cooks quick, so don’t overdo it unless you want rubbery proteins! After the five minutes for oysters, I cut the heat and move the pot off the hot burner. Then I add lump crabmeat and stir. I tasted and wanted more briny goodness, so I added some of my reserved oyster liquor, to taste. Garnish with some chopped green onion and serve with a cold beer and some Red Dot. Life is good!

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