diagram of a web page


opened this page on my phone and decided to document the structure

  1. ad for a tv futbol service, changed to best buy as i'm typing
  2. navigation for site. 1 line, too many sections to show all, must scroll the navigation horizontally to read
  3. menu, logo, search
  4. article tags, article title, subtitle, author, when posted
  5. social sharing icons (guess if more than 0 humans have clicked these) immediately above main product image
  6. intro, one short sentence paragraph
  7. Read more: [completely unrelated product]
  8. another sentence shown as a paragraph
  9. full height ad for a bank which is totally blank, appears broken, scroll quickly please. I'm not running an adblocker
  10. two short article sentences
  11. advertisement showing a fake shortcut how to learn a new, completely unrelated skill. Skip Guitar Theory - Do This
  12. almost 3 paragraphs of article text. this must be the section which is determined to be required to make the page not seem like ad torture
  13. an unrelated "test" or "poll" -- I can't tell which, with the site's logo on it. no explanation why one might suddenly start answering questions. best buy ad inside the poll.
  14. embedded youtube of the topic at hand, with one sentence below.
  15. ad for dolby.io scam
  16. link to manufacturer of item the article is about. the page is effectively over at this point. half of the page remains below
  17. tags, different tags than the ones at the top of the page
  18. taboola feed of psychotic content. 4 unrelated. 1 link to a real article on this site snuck in. repeat of the same taboola ad. real link. more taboola. this goes on for a long time. behringer releases new keyboard, wayan bros actor dies fans in mourning
  19. i realize now that taboola is loading infinitely, I don't think there is a way to get to a real End of the page. upon testing I find I can only see the footer for a moment before more ads are loaded